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Today, the automotive industry is one of the biggest enterprises contributing to the world’s economy. The automotive industry is confronting challenges everywhere in the market. OM Logistics’ processes and services are equipped to find new routes for cost cutting & enhancing efficiency, clarify processes, improve delivery accuracy, as well as simplify the most complex and extended supply chains. We offer proactive answers to help you work considerably more intimately with your clients and give the control important to react rapidly to the changing economic situations. Fluctuating demands, tight schedules, and newer products also add to the need for reliable and responsible logistics providers. Reducing transit damages is also cited as a key focus area going ahead for automobile logistics. The host of international players operating in the Indian space also expects their logistics providers to play an increasingly strategic role, acting like business associates rather than a mere implementer.
Armed with this close understanding of the sector and deep experience, OM Logistics extends amplified specialized services for businesses in the automobile sector:
Specialized Fleet / Containers
Raw Material Transportation
One of the fastest growing sectors, globally
Efficient logistics can cut down expenses
Reducing transit wastage another vital focus area
With decades of industry experience working with leading automakers and tier-one suppliers from around the globe, OM Logistics can help you:
  • Improve the product development cycle for a successful launch
  • Drive dynamic automotive supply chain solutions
  • With economical reverse logistics
  • Achieve record savings
We deliver customized IT solutions to meet specific service requirements and develop custom networks addressing your service and cost concerns.

Consumer & Retail

Your main goal is to create, market and offer the ideal items. Ours is to handle everything else. We work with the biggest FMCG manufacturers and retailers on the planet, so we understand every phase of your supply chain. Our processes enhance your speed to market, reduce damage to products, and reinforce your relationships with the companies you rely on.
We help our customers manage increasing complexity and shorter product life cycles within dynamic supply chains, while successfully controlling and diminishing expenses. We empower our customers to effectively and efficiently meet regular demand, access new channels, bolster new product launches and source globally.
We evaluate the need for your network to support peak seasonal volume and show you possible redesigns that minimize the impact on transportation costs. We use dedicated fleet and transportation management services to help you reduce inbound and outbound transportation costs through route and network optimization.
Keep More of What You Ring Up – From Big Box To Convenience
The retail sector in India is emerging as one of the largest sectors of the economy. The Indian Retail Industry, the largest among all the industries, has come forth as one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries with several players entering the market.
We realize that demanding customers, hyper-focused markets, multi-channel retailing, expanded customization and other retail challenges all have major implications for logistics. So we offer a group of integrated services that can enhance every phase of your supply chain, satisfy your customers and help you optimize your market position. Retailers face continued price pressure from competitors. OM retail logistics services can be your differentiated — cutting costs, helping you serve your customers better, improving inventory management and making you more competitive. We have experience serving the delivery and retail supply chain management needs of leading major stores of all sizes and configurations, from big box to convenience.
We have a significant infrastructural and operational presence in most global retail markets, with an arrangement of services that includes everything from supply chain strategy and network design to in-store logistics. With industry knowledge and our routing tools, we engineer distribution networks that work for retail. We work for a wide variety of retailers, from hypermarkets to convenience stores, e-retailers to department stores; DIY, electrical and furniture retailers, to coffee shops. No wonder so many leading retailers around the globe pick us as a trusted logistics provider.
Our well-trained and courteous drivers provide excellent customer service to stores and use the most advanced technology available to monitor, track, and trace products. OM Logistics has unmatched overall nearness to bolster you over your end-to-end worldwide supply chains, optimizing logistics processes at every stage.


There’s no doubt fashion is an industry on the move and we are right there, pacing into new markets, new cities with new logistic challenges along the way. We are leading the way to make things smoother for you. With more than 25  years in fashion, OM Logistics has given the expedient reaction, excellent quality, and convenient delivery the industry demands, especially in this era of multiple sales channels and web-based retailing.
Here at OM Logistics, we are continually inspired to set new logistics benchmarks – motivated not only by our decades of experience, our know-how, and our impeccable quality standards, but also by our devotion to elegant yet efficient logistics solutions. Such innovation generates fresh ideas and collections, strengthening not only the market position of our customers but also our own.
We provide you with a comprehensive, industry-specific logistics solution. No other logistics provider has a comparable, well-established Indian network with regular transportation services and hubs at all the important infrastructure locations. We can be found throughout India and are strategically located for you in all relevant states across India. And it goes without saying that we are continuing to grow, so we can help you to fulfill your future ambitions everywhere. We utilize every possible synergy to ensure that your supply and distribution logistics strategy meets its objectives – wherever they may lie.
Our objective is simple: to fulfill your needs in every possible way – precisely, comprehensively and reliably. It is not without reason that we are the Indian market leader. With our broad portfolio of products and services, we are there for you where you need us. Our portfolio is structured to meet virtually every challenge and fulfil the highest standards. Our unmatched overall nearness implies we can deliver optimized supply chains, reduced lead times and easy access to new markets. Lead times, accuracy, availability, and reliability are all of critical importance. So, if you are making plans for the future, be sure to contact us today.