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OM Telecom Logistics Ltd

Since 2003, Om Telecom Logistics Pvt. Ltd. (OTPL) has been a leading telecom logistics company in India with over 1000 employees and thousands of customers that they service every day! The CEO and founder, Kewal Kiran Jain uses his experience to make this company a top choice for international freight forwarding, domestic shipments, warehouse facilities, customs clearances services and more! OTPL is only getting better by the day so don't hesitate to reach out to them if you're interested in their services! packaging, warehousing, inventory management using WIMS (Warehouse Management System), reverse logistics, secondary transportation, manpower outsourcing – can be tailored to meet each client's particular needs. Today almost all operators in telecom segments like Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio, BSNL, Idea, Aircel and so forth use the services of OM Telecom Logistics for their operations even in far-flung areas. Our company, Om Telecom, has a wealth of knowledge regarding transportation. For example, our experts know how to plan, coordinate, and execute all logistics aspects of the service required. This includes handling the warehousing, transportation planning & integration all the way through to distribution management with targeted supply chain solutions for each client or customer.

Tower Equipment Installation

Om Telecom’s experience spans almost all types of Telecom towers and equipment, both the indoor and outdoor elements of the installation as well as the commissioning of said equipment. At a broad level, we can divide our deliverables into two types:
  • Active and Passive equipment installations i,e Battery bank, BTS card, PIU, SMPS, MW & GSM Installation, Mounts installations, BTS RU Filter Replacement, RSU –Replacement. etc) 
  • TSP- Civil and Electrical – Passive and Upgrade and sharing 
  • Dismantling of active and passive Infra 
  • 3rd party equipment commissioning and integration 
  • Logistics Management- Forward and Reverse 
  • 100 % hassle free installation of tower of any size

Logistics Services

Our logistical services take care of the transport, warehouse and tracking of all your items with great success because our warehouses are large, spacious and include all of the physical requirements for a logistics-dependent team.   
  • Staging facilities and temporary storage
  • Testing facility
  • Kitting, staging, and JIT shipping
  • Nationwide transportation network
  • Bar coding and scanning capabilities


Om Telecom has experience working with customers to identify the most cost-effective transportation models by road, train & air for LCL & FCL cargo. While delivery of products on time is our first priority, monitoring and securing the most competitive carrier shipment methods is also a key factor in order to ensure cost effectiveness at all times.

Integrated Solutions

Om Telecom's product integration services bring together the best of our core capabilities as a distributor of a wide range of products with the needs of our customers to meet specifications, reduce cost and increase speed to market. As a distributor, Om Telecom's services such as custom cable assemblies, rack and stack solutions, and kitting services can help to decrease costs and streamline deployment processes while meeting the highest quality standards.

Inventory Management

Om Telecom's effective inventory management techniques help us manage costs, minimize delays and remain competitive. Our Inventory Management team focuses on topics such as supply chain efficiency, cost containment and risk assessment.
  • Inventory Strategy 
  • Demand Planning/Forecasting 
  • Inventory Planning 
  • Supply Planning 
  • Purchasing 
  • Fill Rate Management